Isuzu Oasis

Isuzu Oasis

Rok výroby 1996 - 1999


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The Isuzu Oasis was a minivan produced as result of an agreement between Isuzu and Honda from 1996 to 1999. It was the only minivan sold by Isuzu.

Under the agreement, Honda would purchase Isuzu Rodeo and Isuzu Trooper vehicles to be sold as the Honda Passport and Acura SLX, respectively. Meanwhile Isuzu would purchase Honda Odyssey, the Honda Ascot and Honda Civic vehicles to be sold as the Isuzu Oasis, the Isuzu Aska and Isuzu Gemini, respectively. Though the Oasis was essentially the same vehicle as the Odyssey with a lower sticker price and a better warranty, Honda's more prominent brand recognition propelled the Odyssey to greater sales. The Oasis was sold from the 1996 model year to the 1999 model year in the United States. The Odyssey was redesigned for 1998, but Isuzu still sold the original body with minor changes all the way through 1999. Later Oasis models came with a 2.3L VTEC engine similar to the engine found in the sixth-generation Honda Accord. The Oasis remains a rare and extremely obscure car with few left on the road today, due to low sales of under 3,000 each year in production. Oasis vehicles were used as New York City taxis.

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Isuzu Oasis
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