Isuzu Florian Series II

Modely Isuzu Florian Series II

Isuzu Florian Series II

Rok výroby 1977 - ...

Model: Florian (1967 - 1983)

Wikipedia (Florian):

In October 1977, the Florian underwent an extensive facelift. The interior and dash was all new, and at the front were double rectangular headlights. The car was now known as the Florian SII (for "Series II"), but none of this could hide the outdated profile of Isuzu's large sedan. The bumpers were also bigger (and heavier), and there were new, blocky taillights at the rear. The Van also underwent the same facelift, although its delicate, high-mounted taillights still remained unchanged. The facelift also marked the introduction of a diesel-engined model (appearing in November), which provided a useful boost to the Florian's sales. The Florian II also received improved equipment, including a variable ratio steering gear and heating ducts in the rear seat.

In May 1979 the gasoline engine was updated with the new I·CAS emissions system (a two-way catalytic converter) and exhaust recirculation valve. The modified engine, which meets the 1978 emissions standards for gasoline passenger vehicles, also has five extra horsepower for a total of 110 PS (81 kW). One month later the diesel's Bosch "A" injection system was updated to the newer "VE" system, in order to meet the stricter 1979 emissions standards. In March 1980 the old symmetrical dashboard was retired in favor of the one also used in the 117 Coupé, a version which was not available for left-hand drive.

There were only 145,836 Florians produced during the 15 years of the model's existence. The Florian was only sold in limited markets across the globe as Isuzu's passenger products were, for the most part, not sold through General Motors' channels. However the pickup derivative, the Isuzu Faster, was widely exported using Isuzu's relationship with General Motors and enjoyed a considerably greater market penetration than the sedan. The pickup was sold in North America as the Chevrolet LUV, in Europe as the Bedford KB and in Australia, through General Motors Holden dealerships as both the Holden Rodeo and later as the Chevrolet LUV.

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