Isuzu N-Series / Elf II, 2. generace

Isuzu N-Series / Elf II 2

Rok výroby 1967 - ...

Model: N-Series / Elf (1959 - ...)

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In August 1967 the all-new "Isuzu Light Elf" was added to the existing lineup; this lighter duty version was rated for a 1.25-tonne payload (2,800 lb). It had single round headlights and a KA-series chassis code; it came with the same 1471 cc G150 engine as fitted to period Isuzu Belletts, providing 68 PS (50 kW). This was the first of the second generation Elfs to be introduced, heavier duty models soon followed and replaced first generation variants.

In April 1968 the second generation Elf appeared (TL21/TLD21 series). A walk-through van ("Elf Hi-Roof") was also introduced, another first for Japan. In September 1969 the "Light Elf" was upgraded to 1.5-tonne (3,300 lb) and now offered a more powerful 1.6 liter engine (G161AB) with 75 PS (55 kW). In October 1970 this part of the range became the Elf 150while the regular Elf (2-2.5 tonnes) became the Elf 250; the 250 was updated to a 2.4 litre diesel engine. This was combined with the introduction of the heavier duty, 3.5-tonne (7,700 lb) Elf 350. This re-shake of the lineup was then followed by the very modern Elf Mi-Pack in April 1972. The Mi-Pack was a front-wheel drive model with a flat and low loading floor, only 450 mm (18 in) off the ground. Because of its high price combined with customer reluctance to a front-wheel drive truck it was retired after only a few years on the market. Instead a low-floor model of the Elf 150 was added to the lineup in 1974, featuring small twinned rear tires.

The heavier duty Elf 350 was not immediately replaced but continued in production until the 1980 model year, when in February a 350 model of the third generation Elf was introduced ("350 Wide").

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Isuzu N-Series / Elf II
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Isuzu N-Series / Elf II
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