Video - 2011 Dodge 5500 w/ Low Loader Part 2

Videa Isuzu Faster 2011 Dodge 5500 w/ Low Loader Part 2

2011 Dodge 5500 w/ Low Loader Part 2

The Low Loader is built for the everyday problems a Tow Truck driver encounters. For example, when a Tow Truck operator has to drag a stubborn vehicle on the deck. We often see the operator shake the bed, back & forth. In efforts of getting the damaged vehicle off the deck. This destroys the bed pivot pins & bushings. The equipment is simply not built for that. The Low Loader has a dump angle of 40-45 degrees. Our equipment is built for those conditions & situations. Bed Pivot Pins will not receive abuse.There is no more need to shake the bed to get the car off. This makes the Operator faster & does not destroy his equipment. Next.. the obvious, load angle of 3.5 degrees. The lowest in the industry today of any American Built Carrier. We have designed the Low Loader to be user friendly for maintenance as well. Winch Hoses, Bed Wear Pads, No Bed Locks, Easy Access Pylon/Oil Tank, Lifetime Warranty on Control Handles, Bed Pivot Pins & Craftsmanship. This is revolutionary to the end user. We feel we have addressed many issues that are currently in this industry & invite you to try our product. We give a 2 year warranty on the equipment & a Lifetime Warranty on Craftsmanship & Labor. Our goal is simply, build the ultimate Roll Back for the conditions operators face daily & make it Detroit Wrecker Tough! $24500.00 is an out the door price. Bring us a your Chassis w/ 160" of "Cab to Frame Cut Off" & we are in Business! Detroit Wrecker Sales (ask for Chris or Mike) 19630 ...

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