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[CM] Mitsubishi Lancer CK2/CK5

After a success of Mitsubishi Lancer "E-CAR" in Thailand (1992-96) MMC Sittiphol Co.,Ltd. is presented a New Lancer (Code CK2/CK5) in Bangkok Motor Show 1996 at Suan Amphorn with 1.5L and 1.8L engine with a SRS airbag at driver side to fighting with Toyota Corolla (AE110) and Nissan Sunny (B14) and using a Vanessa Mae a famous violin player in the world as a presenter This is a 1 in 3 commercial is using a music of Vanessa Mae In 1998 it's having to facelifted and in year 2000 it's having a "F-Style" version and changing 1.5L engine to 1.6L engine and back to used as a Taxi with this model It's replaced with Cedia in 2001 (C) 1996 MMC Sittiphol Co.,Ltd. (Now is a Mitsubishi Motors (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.) All right acknownledge

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