Video - Isuzu D-Max Platinum Hi-Lander 2.5 DDi

Videa Isuzu D-Max Isuzu D-Max Platinum Hi-Lander 2.5 DDi

Isuzu D-Max Platinum Hi-Lander 2.5 DDi

Nowadays pickup buyers in Thailand expected the lifted 4x2 but in economical choice now at more higher amount than ever (and prices of Diesel fuel also grow more fierce alongside). Isuzu had decided to do something before the launch of Toyota's Hilux Vigo 2.5 VN Turbo. So that returned on screen with the most regular-for-value choice in this take: Hi-Lander 2.5 DDi ITEQ 4JK1-TC. The base powertrain for Hi-Lander models. With more trust than ever before: by as one among ten Isuzu vehicles after joined the latest Fuel Saving Contest trip between SurathThani to Singapore without re-fuel and no blink by fuel signal lamp (1250km. total); and "4 years running" of "Car of the Year" awards (in class of best lifted 4x2 pickup with 2.5 diesel engine) by Grand Prix International Co., Ltd. (Sanctioner of Bangkok International Motor Show). Even though the 4JK1-TC is just a genuine common-rail diesel engine (116PS - 180mpa.) with turbo-intercooler (not Variable Nozzle); with EURO III emission standard and B5 acceptable. But that's one hard to beat choice for lifted 4x2 pickups in Thailand by 1# manufacturer of pickup segment; with its unbeatable legendary Isuzu's durability, dependability. Backed by trust from Thai public. So it's one way to take some worries from expensive fuel crisis away...

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