Video - Isuzu D-Max - Rodeo / Cab4 / Hi-Lander

Videa Isuzu D-Max Isuzu D-Max - Rodeo / Cab4 / Hi-Lander

Isuzu D-Max - Rodeo / Cab4 / Hi-Lander

This ad of Isuzu consists of 3 famous Thai male celebrities: Dome Pakorn Lum, Peter Corp Dyrendal and Mos Patiphan Patawikantd. Now about the vehicles as shown: To me it's a good news little bit because now VGS Turbo engine is also available for Rodeo 4x4 aka SpaceCab with 4WD, and SpaceCab Hi-Lander the lifted 4x2. This proven to me and Thai spectators that Isuzu is now fulfilling gaps in lineup once again to compete more fierce competition among other brands this year. But most of all, TO GET ANNUALLY CHAMPION OF BEST SELLING TRUCK TITLE BACK NO MATTER THE COST!!

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