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Isuzu D-Max SpaceCab 4x2

Still in GOLD SERIES scheme. SpaceCab is the first kind of extended cab pickup in Thailand so Isuzu can stay strongest in Thailand unlike other country. Gained popularity for 2 decades now. And that's also a factor for why Isuzu leads the pickup market for more than 20 years running. Even though recently 2 years ago, Toyota takes fame away from Isuzu for twice. The set of SpaceCab 4x2 have 4 models from cheapest SL to luxurious SLX. All come with Gold Isuzu badge. Sorry for Thai-Country music if you don't want to hear. I hate it as well, it needs to be like Will.I.Am or Ludacris or Bocelli instead. Here in Thailand you might think of Isuzu as Ford, and think of Toyota as Chev. Both struggling each other COSTLY every year. Only absolute innovations and technologies can lead one or another to Victory. Annually.

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