Video - Isuzu D-Max Super Platinum: Hi-Lander / Rodeo / Cab4

Videa Isuzu D-Max Isuzu D-Max Super Platinum: Hi-Lander / Rodeo / Cab4

Isuzu D-Max Super Platinum: Hi-Lander / Rodeo / Cab4

And now a cue for D-Max Super Platinum Hi-lander / Rodeo / Cab4 models. They actually recieved more serious changes than those 4x2 models. And some highline models among these series are surely fitted with i-GENii (Genius Network Exploring Interactive Intelligence) and built-in Bluetooth on previously installed Platinum Entertainment System by Kenwood. i-GENii as GPS in-vehicle touchscreen navigator, will guide not only usual route but also with individual alternate routes to wherever assigned destination; and that's also a way to save the fuel somehow. Fulfilled with information of well-known locations on map such as department store, gas station, restaurant, service point, etc. Also can tell whichever way type in front before vehicle will approach. i-GENii provided Thai-language menu and Thai voice for assistances. Users can always update with database / map. All making the D-Max to be the intelligence pickups in Thailand. And one more thing about phone usage within Bluetooth of here, user should take memo some necessary dial numbers to the "Speed Dial" mode, otherwise cannot call out while vehicle on the move. Hi-lander and LS 4x4 models recieved new front guard on bumper in newer style; depended on exterior color. Bright tone will recieve in black while dark tone will recieve in bright silver. New 16" wheels and newer style alloy wheels. Hi-Lander also now with Chrome grille as LS 4x4 models. Newer rear view mirror with blind-spot. New sticker marks at rear. While ...

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