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Starang Wondah - That's What's Up [Lyrics]

Starang Wondah from OGC Yo Slide come on Right uhuh Slide come on Left uhuh What what up What what What what up (what up) What what What up (what up) Ay yo its time to get professional Me an MFC is (word up) inseperable Two or three steps ahead of you And then im deading you Mad cuz they picked Big Will instead of you I got these niggas on the streets with heat To get rid of you (ay yo) see you in the streets Im a slap you snuff me and clap you its real and actual All natural (yo what you know about?) Sendin niggas over to come and smash you Or flyin out to LA just to get a tattoo (Ay yo) I neva sold drugs (nah) or finance dudes (word up) Or have to bust my gun off when i employ killers Ay yo tha illest mc out be out in the Lex with sex and stop By the weed house (ahh yeah) right there )word up) Powell and Lindon (uhuh) dying for my man now his rhymes neva endin Just got a new deal cant stop spinnin (Ay yo) Drama you heard about the beef that i been in Now we We smoke spliffs on a daily base Plus we got money all up in the chase (ay yo) Modeling women all up in the place You could still catch a Tim boot up in ya face (uh huh) Or Moet Hennessey and Alize Smoking on that abe like the BK way Ay yo thats whats up yo (come on) thats whats up yo thats whats up Ay yo it aint no limit Wills the p master (for real) Niggas see murder hop in the V faster Ay yo its shocking see me cruising up the block in Im pumping new shit by Ruck and Rock in (heltah skeltah) We so deep from BK to ...

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