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Things We Go Through - Fruits Basket

PLEASE WATCH IN HIGH QUALITY! Add "&fmt=18" with no quotes to the end of the URL. I've been meaning to make this AMV since I heard the song. I love it to pieces! Song: Things We Go Through by Hawk Nelson Manga: Fruits Basket by Natsuki Takaya I am a Hawk Nelson fan...get over it! Hahaha. I wanted to make an AMV for SO long so HERE IT IS! This is just about the Sohma's hell and how messed up people's lives can be. KyoRocks101 was my consultant on this vid! She helped me through all of my random Qs! I really wish I had made the beginning a LOT faster, but I suppose this is good too ^ ^ I was happy because most of the vid went as planned. I wanted Kureno as "Billy" but I was too lazy to go through the effort of getting new pics. And I was going to have Uo-chan MAYBE as "Carrie" but Dani helped me go "NO! KAGURA!" Hahaha. THANKS! I LOVE YOU! DISCLAIMER! I DO NOT OWN THE SONG OR MUSICAL ARTIST! I AM IN NO WAS ASSOCIATED WITH HAWK NELSON OR NATSUKI TAKAYA!

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