Video - Wangan - Isuzu Gemini Coupe - 220 KPH; Part 1

Videa Isuzu Gemini Wangan - Isuzu Gemini Coupe - 220 KPH; Part 1

Wangan - Isuzu Gemini Coupe - 220 KPH; Part 1

[Daikoku Futo]. We arrived at Daikoku Futo late on a Tuesday night. No street racers to see, but it's still a must see, and a good place to get a Teriyaki Mega Mac. My friend looks at me and asks "Is the speed I have been driving scaring you?". "No", I explain, "We drive 75 MPH on the highway in the US, it's all the driving on the wrong side of the road that is scaring me.". He looks a little disappointed... Part one is just a look around the Daikoku Futo service area. The highway on and off ramps spiral down from the bridges around, creating the illusion of a shear cliff and that the parking lot is actually at the bottom of a deep hole. There were a few interesting cars to be seen, even on a Tuesday night. However, cars at service areas in Japan usually have weary travelers sleeping inside, so walking up and snapping pictures is slightly frowned upon. Nissan Skyline GTR Sylvia Sileighty Hakosuka Fairlady 300ZX Toyota Supra AE86 Corolla Trueno Hachiroku Hachi Roku

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