Video - Waste Vege Oil - starting 100%WVO 8deg cels

Videa Isuzu Bighorn Waste Vege Oil - starting 100%WVO 8deg cels

Waste Vege Oil - starting 100%WVO 8deg cels

SEE THE OTHER VIDEO WITH SOUND, This is my truck that i am running on 100% WVO (waste vegetable oil). The previous night the oil from the injector pump was too thick & i ran the battery flat trying to start it, so after charging the battery i poured hot water onto the injector pump, the pump pipes and injectors to help the system along with starting. I got the engine to start (this time with 100%, 50% was much easier to start). It will start with no glow plugs on diesel within three revolutions. This was without using glow plugs at 8 degrees Celsius, at 8 in the morning with a fully charged battery. It is an Isuzu Bighorn 1991 2.8TD intercooler. Note: video clip starts half way through video.

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